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Deliver a new digital experience straight to your audience with your individual COYERO white-label app which provides secure and personalized access 


Connected services for better customer experience

Digital transformation has arrived almost everywhere – also in tourism marketing.  Guests of a city trip, summer and winter vacation as well as congress and trade fair require a more and more demanding service offering. As the number of smartphone users and applications is growing every year, there is no way around offering mobile-based solutions to reach many user groups and ensure growth in tourism. COYERO is a mobile platform that combines access and marketing purposes to improve visitor experience, promote and connect local products and services, generate convenient access to events as well as leisure attractions, and increase brand awareness.

Generate smart tickets for access and learn in real-time about your visitors and send push-notifications directly on their phone at the right time by using our COYERO Management Platform. If you already have a smartcard-based tourism card in place, we can help you to offer a new form factor to your audience by breathing digital life into your city card solution and enhancing your tourism marketing strategy. In the case of an existing tourism app, you can integrate COYERO SDK in your current app to open up all the connected service options for your region. Guide your travellers through the most relevant attractions, engage on-the-go by sending push-notifications, and drive traffic to local businesses more easily.

Graphic coyero city service app - tourism marketing


  • White label app for your individual branding
  • Easy setup - no hardware costs
  • Access control with headcount and time slots
  • COVID-19 optimized social distancing control
  • Connected service options for higher awareness of local products and services
  • Push-notifications for more efficient information sharing
  • Statistics to understand customers effectively

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