Enhancing visitor
access in carinthia

Pyramidenkogel N-Tree enhances visitor access by integrating COYERO app-based ticket sales, featuring QR code entry, turnstile scanning, and real-time visitor tracking for a more efficient and secure experience.

Why It's a Good Fit for COYERO:

This system leverages COYERO’s expertise in digital ticketing solutions, offering a streamlined and secure entry process that aligns with our focus on improving customer experiences and operational efficiency.

Key features

  • QR Code Ticketing: Provides tickets as QR codes through the COYERO app, simplifying entry for visitors.
  • Turnstile Scanning and Validation: Ensures authenticity with direct turnstile scanning and COYERO server validation.
  • Real-time Registration: Tracks visitor entries in real time for effective crowd management.
  • Ticket Authenticity Check: Allows for verification of ticket authenticity and validity without redemption.


  • Efficient Entry: QR code system and turnstile scanning significantly reduce entry wait times.
  • Real-time Monitoring: Enables accurate visitor number tracking, aiding in crowd management and planning.
  • Enhanced Security: Verifies ticket authenticity and validity reliably, ensuring a secure admission process.
  • Operational Streamlining: Simplifies the ticketing process, reducing the need for manual checks and cashier interaction.
  • Data Insights: Provides valuable data and statistics.

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