Unlock the power of digital access

Simplify your digital access management by using COYERO® to sell, redeem, and manage tickets directly within the Palisis system.

COYERO seamlessly integrates with N-tree interface, specializing in POS (Point of Sale) and access solutions for leisure facilities. This collaboration enhances COYERO’s capabilities for generating, redeeming, and forwarding digital access tickets.

N-tree’s expertise aligns with COYERO’s commitment to advanced, user-friendly features. Users benefit from streamlined management of digital access tickets, from creation to redemption and forwarding.

The synergy between COYERO and N-tree ensures an efficient system for leisure facility access management, meeting evolving needs. Experience a new era of digitized access management with COYERO and N-tree, redefining convenience and efficiency.


  • Data management, license

Benefits ...

... for Service Provider

  • Sustainable Ticketing Solutions: Reduce environmental impact and printing costs by embracing digital entry, contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly approach.
  • Efficient Operations: Streamline facility operations by minimizing cashier traffic, creating a smoother and more organized entry process for both clients and end-users.
  • Flexible Ticket Sales: Empower clients with the ability to sell tickets anytime, anywhere, breaking the constraints of time and location and maximizing convenience for patrons.
  • Real-Time Guest Registration: Ensure accuracy and security with real-time guest registration, providing clients with up-to-the-minute insights and control over their facility's attendance.

... for End Consumer

  • Digital Entry Ticket at Your Fingertips: Enjoy the convenience of storing your entry ticket digitally on your device, ensuring quick and hassle-free access.
  • Queue-Free Access: Say goodbye to long queues with the seamless efficiency of digital entry, allowing users to make the most of their time at leisure facilities.

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