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Digital transformation has arrived almost everywhere – also in tourism marketing. Guests of a city trip, summer and winter vacation as wellas congress and trade fair require a more and more demanding service offering. As the number of smartphone users and applications is growing every year, there is no way around offering mobile-based solutions to reach many user groups and ensure growth in tourism.
COYERO is a mobile platform that combines access and marketing purposes to improve visitor experience, promote and connect local products and services, generate convenient access to events as well as leisure attractions, and increase brand awareness.

Generate smart tickets for access and learn in real-time about your visitors and send push-notifications directly on their phone at the right time by using our COYERO Management Platform. If you already have a smartcard-based tourism card in place, we can help you to offer a new form factor to your audience by breathing digital life into your city card solution and enhancing your tourism marketing strategy. Guide your travellers through the most relevant attractions, engage on-the-go by sending push-notifications, and drive traffic to local businesses more easily.

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About Coyero Moments


The secure and trustworthy technology of COYERO® provides a mobile platform to establish an app-based marketplace for local clubs and organizations, streamlining access to memberships and services. By leveraging existing infrastructure, COYERO seamlessly bridges the digital and “analog” realms, transforming conventional app solutions into an interactive digital hub that communicates directly with organizational structures.

COYERO empowers clubs and organizations to modernize their operations by offering a centralized digital platform. Members can conveniently access information, events, and services, including the ability to purchase memberships online. There is also the possibility of acquiring their membership cards online digitally. This innovative approach not only facilitates the administrative aspects of club management but also enhances the overall experience for members.

Regions / Cities

For regions, cities, and municipalities looking to revolutionize their tourism and mobility sectors, COYERO presents a unique solution that merges these two critical areas into a singular, user-friendly platform. By integrating digital ticketing for local transportation with access to tourism attractions, COYERO creates a seamless experience for visitors. This approach not only simplifies transit and exploration for tourists but also promotes local attractions and services, enhancing the overall attractiveness and accessibility of the region.

COYERO’s platform is especially beneficial in managing and boosting local economies by connecting visitors with a wide array of services, from public transport to leisure activities. The integration of smart, real-time data allows for tailored marketing strategies, driving visitor traffic to key points of interest and local businesses. This dual focus on tourism and mobility positions COYERO as an essential tool for modern, smart city initiatives, catering to the evolving needs of both tourists and local municipalities in an increasingly digital world.


COYERO® introduces a cutting-edge solution tailored specifically for companies – the “Digitale Mitarbeiterkarte” (Digital Employee Card) campaign. This initiative revolutionizes the corporate landscape by offering a comprehensive digital platform that facilitates access to a myriad of company partner programs, enriching the benefits available to employees. In the corporate realm, efficiency and employee satisfaction are paramount. The “Digitale Mitarbeiterkarte” serves as a centralized hub, streamlining access to various perks such as lunch vouchers, company car pools, bike-sharing programs, and exclusive discounts from partnering businesses.

COYERO optimizes the management of these programs, empowering companies to enhance their employees’ work experience while simplifying administrative processes. This campaign is designed to resonate with forward-thinking companies keen on fostering a dynamic and employee-centric workplace culture. By embracing the “Digitale Mitarbeiterkarte,” businesses can demonstrate their commitment to employee well-being and convenience. COYERO becomes the linchpin, connecting companies and their workforce through a digital ecosystem that not only facilitates administration but also contributes to a more engaged and satisfied employee community.

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