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Cloud service

The COYERO Cloud Service is what glues all COYERO components together. It contains the application logic, databases and core services. It also provides the management web interface called Management Platform.


  • Hosted on secure and reliable AWS platform
  • Highly scalable
  • Data storage
    • for US/CAN customer in US
    • for European customer in EU
  • Using AWS services ensures high and professional quality
    • AWS Elastic Beanstalk for servers and databases
    • AWS Cognito for user management
    • AWS IoT for controlling IoT terminals
    • AWS CloudWatch for logging and monitoring
  • Stripe payment provider integration
    • Secure credit card payments
    • Invoice handling

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Management platform

Platform for service providers

The Management Platform allows merchants and resellers to manage their presence on COYERO. The Platform is currently available in the following languages: Englisch, German, Italian, French, Latin American Spanish.


  • Management of user accounts
  • Setup and configuration of services and shops
  • Assignment of COYERO IoT Terminals
  • Setup of products
  • Management of end-users and user groups
  • Connection with Stripe account for payment acceptance
  • View and export statistics
  • Extensive marketing possibilities through time- and location-based push-notifications and ticket distribution

Administration Interface

Interface for platform operators

If you run your own COYERO platform, you will also have access to the Administration Interface. This allows to set global settings, accept registrations of new merchants and resellers or manage users platform-wide.


  • Manage merchants and resellers on your platform (legal entities who run shops)
  • Configure security groups
  • User access rights management
  • Manage licenses

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