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Enhancing museum
Experience in austria

Gesellschaft der Freunde der bildenden Künste (GFK) offers its members access to 16+ museums across Austria; harmonizing digital membership management with instantaneous information sharing, thereby elevating the accessibility and user experience for GFK members across a network of 16+ prestigious Austrian museums.

Why It's a Good Fit for COYERO:

GFK brings together a group of museums form the local marketplace, the users benefit from one stop access and information about events, special offerings, etc. GFK brings together several museums, providing users with easy access to events and special features. COYERO’s strength in creating digital solutions for clubs and organizations makes us a perfect match for this. We’re skilled at making user-friendly digital platforms that improve experience and simplify operations, which is just what Kunstfreunde needs.

Key features

  • Digital Membership Management: Intuitive handling of GFK memberships within the Kunstfreunde app.
  • Complimentary Museum Entry: Unrestricted access to a vast network of 16 museums.
  • Instant Updates: Latest news on museum events and activities.
  • Versatile Payment Options: Supports diverse payment methods for added convenience.


  • Operational Efficiency: Eliminates over 6,500 paper tickets yearly, promoting environmental sustainability.
  • Streamlined Accounting: Enhances the financial tracking and management aspects, providing a clear and efficient accounting process with real time figures.

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