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FAQ Platform operator

We call those legal entities who offer services or goods to end-users Service Provider. As a platform operator, you cannot add Service Providers on your own. Instead, the Service Provider has to register himself on the Management Platform. You will be notified about the registration of new Service Providers via e-mail. To approve a new Service Provider, you have to check the 'Active' checkbox in your Administration Interface.
Yes, you can restrict the visibility of certain points of sale (PoS). For this, you have to define a user group containing the users who are allowed to see these PoS. Then, in the list of Service Providers, you need to set this group in the field 'restricted to'.
No, for data privacy reasons this is prohibited. Users only become visible to a certain merchant after their first purchase from this merchant.
Your data is stored securely in European data centers of major cloud providers. All our data processes follow the GDPR.
Yes, for this purpose we introduced Mobile Terminal Licenses. Big merchants with many points-of-sale require more terminals (either IoT or Mobile Terminals). You can give out Mobile Terminal Licenses to your merchants, the more licenses a merchant buys, the more terminals he is allowed to operate. You can enter the number of allowed terminals in your Administration Interface in the field 'Mobile Terminal License Nr.'

FAQ MerCHANTS and resellers

COYERO has many advantages over traditional webshops. First, it is location-based in that end-users see all points-of-sale (PoS) on a map and can find nearby offers. Second, COYERO includes many different merchants. End-users can use the same app to access different products from many different merchants, meaning COYERO can bring you new customers who, without COYERO, would not have found out about you. The third big advantage is the possibility to reach end-users with marketing campaigns in just the right moment: For example, you can set up a notification to occur 5 minutes after the user bought one of your products: "Thank you for your purchase, as a small token of our gratitude we offer you a 5% discount the next time you shop with us!". Or, after the user entered your event location: "Welcome to Summer Breeze, don't forget, the Sunset Bar upstairs has happy hour from 9-10, all long drinks just 8,00€!"
COYERO is run by so-called Platform Operators. Please contact our Sales team to learn about which Platform Operator is correct for you. From this Platform Operator, you will get the URL to his Management Platform, where you can register your business. If you are interested in running COYERO yourself, please also contact our Sales team.
After you registered as a Service Provider, you can log into the Management Platform and define your products there. Note that one product may be offered at several of your points of sale.
End-users pay for your services and goods with their credit card. They need to enter the credit card details in the mobile app. If you wish, you can allow payment by invoice to special users. Then, you will receive an e-mail each month, detailing the purchases of these users so that you can send them an invoice manually.
COYERO uses Stripe as a payment provider, which means you need to set up an account with Stripe. You can do so in the Management Platform under Payment Settings. Note that Stripe takes a small fee from every credit card transaction.

An event for COYERO is similar to a point-of-sale (PoS) which is only opened for a specific time. The products that are available in this PoS are the different types of tickets, for example, "adult ticket". At the entrance to your event location, you can either place a security guard with the Mobile Terminal app or have an integration with your turnstile system (for example, with the IoT Terminal).

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