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COYERO access provides mobile, secure, personalized access and authorizations to local services, infrastructure, events and more. Companies can generate/sell access tickets to grant unattended access to their services anytime and anywhere they define.

COYERO connected

COYERO enables local merchants, restaurants, museums or events to connect with surrounding infrastructure services (eg parking) or even with each other by integrating COYERO services in their App or by simply joining the COYERO Marketplace Portal.

COYERO charged

COYERO charged integrates Bluetooth LE (BLE) and NFC access features to e-charging terminals and enables mobile, token based user identification. Seamless integration of smart devices, payment services, charging and station operator systems is provided.

Mobile access & connected services via BLE & NFC

Integrated BLE & NFC App services

Simply integrate COYERO SDKs in your mobile App to grant customers access to your services, products or facilities via Bluetooth LE or NFC.

Smart City & Smart Mobility solutions

COYERO enables Smart City and Smart Mobility Applications by connecting mobility, infrastructure services and businesses.

Automotive & human factored design

COYERO connects cars, personal parameters and access permissions to all relevant infrastructure services needed.

Mobile product, service & event access

COYERO provides connected tourism services as well as smart access and location based marketing solutions.

Parking & smart e-charging access

COYERO enables you to generate and manage smart, unattended access to parking facilities or e-charging terminals.

Industry & Smart Home applications

Empowered by COYERO BT LE & NFC technology we develop tailor made industry and smart home applications.

COYERO components


COYERO SDKs & Apps enable smart mobile access and optional payment services by seamless integration of user’s smart device, cloud based access and operator services.


COYERO Communication Controller & COYERO Gateway manage infrastructure hardware and connect to the cloud based token verification.

Cloud services

Access token are managed by COYERO cloud services connecting all relevant components to provide secure encrypted data transfer.

Management Console

The COYERO Dashboard gives you full control over your services/products and the various options to connect and to promote them.

selected usecases

Within Smart City solutions COYERO provides smart, easy and secure access to public mobility services and enables flexible user management, combined ticketing and more.

Smart City Services usecase.

Smart City applications

make daily life easier.

With COYERO we digitize infrastructure services and enable access to various mobility services by providing a secure standardized COYERO NFC/BLE access interface.

See digitized eV charging usecase

COYERO infrastructure services

digitized infrastructure services

STEVE is developed as a stepping stone towards a vision of future mobility that provides sustainable, seamless, automated and personalised travel on demand.

Learn more about STEVE

STEVE smart cities

EU funded R&D project

COYERO technology implemented in airport VIP parking infrastructure, business lounges and other services provides easy access and smart benefits to selected VIP passengers.


Airport access services

VIP access services

COYERO charged encompasses our new BLE/NFC wireless interfaces control unit that identifies users locks/unlocks functions, provides power measurement as well as provides software specific extensions to integrate it into smart building management systems.

COYERO eV charging

BTE/NFC enabled ev-charging

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