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into the digital age

Individually branded, with Feratel integration
& a rich array of additional features

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The digital guest card from COYERO revolutionizes the tourism experience through seamless integration and digitization of traditional guest cards. By consolidating all essential services and information into an easy-to-use mobile app, COYERO significantly enhances the guest experience. With real-time visitor analytics and targeted notifications, the platform customizes the experience individually, thereby increasing visitor satisfaction and engagement. The transition to digital guest cards not only facilitates easier access to attractions and events but also promotes the local economy by strengthening marketing for local services and products.

Key features

  • Integration with Feratel: Efficient data integration and management
  • Centralized data management: Avoidance of duplicate data entry and easy maintenance of guest data
  • Real-time interactions: Personalized notifications and offers sent directly to guests' smartphones
  • Increased visibility of local offerings: Targeted marketing to promote local businesses
  • Sustainability: Reduction of the need for printed materials and resource conservation
  • Multi-language support: Accessibility for international tourists in various languages
  • User-friendly design: Customized app

feratel integration

COYERO® offers a seamless integration interface with Feratel, a leading provider in the tourism sector. This allows for the digital capture and comprehensive use of Feratel guest cards in the region. In terms of data management, COYERO® ensures time and effort are saved.

Our platform enables efficient data import from systems of various providers, including the Feratel database. With COYERO®, there is no need to enter information multiple times or maintain it across several systems. This seamless integration means that guest data can be managed centrally and without duplication.

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