Basic Features
What´s included in the App

“Explore our app’s features designed to enhance every aspect of your tourism experience, from navigation to management.”

Coyero app
The 4 app main menus

“Explore the essential functionalities that come standard with every version of our app, designed to optimize the digital experience.”

Start your journey with our Dashboard. It's the central hub for viewing key topics and insights, designed to keep users engaged and informed. A gateway to exploring more detailed content that enhances their experience and interaction.
The Map allows users to explore points of interest effortlessly. Detailed entries come complete with photos, directions, and quick links for contact information. Features like favorite marking, advanced search, and category filtering make navigation intuitive and engaging, turning every outing into an adventure.
Keep essential items like tickets and memberships handy in our Wallet. Users can manage their items with simple controls: open, share, or delete with a tap. This convenience boosts usage and visitor satisfaction, making it a must-have for travelers.
The Profile section gives users control over their personal and payment details in a secure environment. Easy access to transaction histories, support, and FAQs means less hassle and more enjoyment. It's all about making their experience as smooth as possible.
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Management platform

Seamlessly access the management and enhancement features of the app through the backend of our website by logging in. Whether you’re a platform owner or a service provider, our system caters to your needs with tailored menus and content. For example, a museum would display only relevant metrics for their institution to ensure focused and efficient management. This customization allows users to navigate the backend effortlessly, optimizing app management and enrichment for all stakeholders.


  • User management and creation of user groups, …
  • KPIs & Statistics
  • POI/Event/Product/Service management
  • Push messages
  • Dashboard configuration

Mobile terminal

Introducing the „Schwesternapp“ feature within COYERO, where licenses are included with every COYERO app. Service providers can easily validate and devalue COYERO Smart Tickets via Bluetooth, streamlining access management. Should you prefer utilizing another platform, rest assured, the usage of this feature is entirely optional, providing the flexibility to tailor your experience according to your preferences.

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