ERP System

Discover COYERO®'s seamless integration with ERP systems, exemplified by our success at Strandbad Klagenfurt.

This partnership enhances connectivity to SAP and other platforms, offering efficient accounting and streamlined communication. COYERO® empowers businesses with diverse payment options and advanced ticketing solutions, setting new standards in parking management technology.

Discover the seamless integration capabilities of COYERO with ERP systems, exemplified by our successful implementation at Strandbad Klagenfurt. COYERO’s interface facilitates smooth connectivity to SAP and other ERP systems, ensuring efficient accounting and streamlined communication with third-party platforms.

COYERO offers a robust foundation to fully harness the potential of digitalization and bring innovative business ideas to life. Our user-friendly architecture and open interfaces make integration easy, keeping businesses ahead of technological advancements.

With COYERO, enjoy diverse payment options, including mobile phone transactions, NFC, Apple Pay, credit cards, bank cards, cash, or coupons. Benefit from a wide range of ticket types tailored for short-term or contract parkers, including RFID cards, tickets, barcodes, Print@Home, magnetic stripes, NFC, mobile ticketing, and license plate recognition. Enhance the parking experience by seamlessly integrating customer, employee, or city parking cards.

Benefits ...

... for Service Provider

  • Efficient Operations: Integration with ERP systems like SAP enhances accounting accuracy and streamlines financial management.
  • Advanced Management Capabilities: Better control over visitor flows and resource allocation improves operational efficiency.
  • Data Insights: Access to analytics aids in understanding consumer behaviors, facilitating more effective marketing and service adjustments.
  • Increased Security: High-security standards in payment and access systems build user trust and safety.

... for End Consumer

  • Convenience: Effortless access with a variety of payment options including NFC and mobile payments.
  • Flexibility: Diverse ticketing options such as RFID cards, barcodes, and mobile ticketing cater to different preferences.
  • Speed: Quick processing at entry and exit points reduces wait times, improving overall satisfaction.
  • Enhanced Experience: Advanced features like license plate recognition and Print@Home tickets streamline visits.

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