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FAQ general

The tourism region as the operator of the platform is happy to help with any questions or issues with the app. You can contact the tourism region, for example, through the Help/Contact section in the profile.

Yes. If you temporarily have no internet connection, the app will display cached data. However, you cannot make purchases without an internet connection. Note that if you have purchased a ticket, no internet connection is required to redeem it.

To purchase tickets in the app, the respective provider must collaborate with the tourism region. Although the number of partners is continually increasing, there are still attractions with which there is currently no cooperation. Additionally, some attractions or locations are freely accessible.

Yes, if the provider allows it. Not all tickets are transferable. To forward a ticket on Android, press the three dots on the right side of the ticket in the Wallet and select Forward. On iOS, you can access this option by swiping the ticket to the left. You will then need to enter the email address of the desired recipient.

If the recipient is not yet registered in the system, they will receive an invitation email. They must register with the email address to which the ticket was sent to find it in their wallet.

Recipients of forwarded tickets must first accept them before they can use them. On Android, press the three dots on the right side of the ticket and select Accept; on iOS, swipe the ticket to the left.

If you have received a ticket from someone, you must accept it before you can use it. On Android, tap the three dots on the right side of the ticket. On iOS, swipe the ticket to the left. Then select Accept.

FAQ Permissions

Some tickets can only be redeemed via Bluetooth. The app uses Bluetooth to transfer the ticket to the terminal at the respective operator.

The location access permission is only needed to display your position on the map and to determine the distance to various attractions from your current location. Your position is not transmitted to the internet and is not stored.


Yes, you can use the app without registering to browse, find interesting attractions, and get directions. However, purchasing tickets is not possible anonymously; to buy something, you need to register and add a credit card to your profile.

This error message means that you have already confirmed your email address. You don't need to register again; you can log in directly.

If you have forgotten your password, tap on "Forgot Password."

Bitte beachten Sie, dass der Bestätigungslink nur für 24 Stunden gültig ist, danach müssen Sie einen
neuen Link anfordern. Das funktioniert indem Sie versuchen sich einzuloggen, Sie werden dann
gefragt ob Sie einen neuen Link zugeschickt bekommen möchten.
Beachten Sie bitte auch, dass durch jedes erneute Zuschicken eines Bestätigungslinks alle früheren
Links ungültig werden. Es funktioniert also nur der neueste Link.

FAQ Credit card

You can use the app immediately without signing up and without a payment method. However, if you want to purchase a ticket, you must register because all tickets are centrally stored on our server. A payment method is only required if the desired product is not free. The app will notify you if a payment method is needed.

Currently, credit and debit cards from major issuers like Visa, Mastercard, and American Express are supported.

You need to be registered and logged in. Then, in your profile, you will see the Payment Settings section. There, you can add, delete, and set your default payment method.

To delete a stored credit card, go to your profile and navigate to Payment Settings. Swipe the desired card to the side, and the option to delete it will appear.

Our payment service provider collaborates with card networks to automatically update card details when a customer receives a new card. For automatic card updates, the card issuer (your bank) must participate in this network and provide this information.

Alternatively, you can simply add your new card as a second payment method and select it as the default method by tapping on it.

We work with the payment service provider "Stripe" to ensure the highest level of protection. Your credit card details are not recorded by us; you enter your numbers directly into a Stripe form. We do not have access to your credit card number.

FAQ Purchase

When you purchase a product in the app, you are buying it directly from the provider. The tourism region acts only as an intermediary.

You can find purchased tickets in your virtual wallet. Some tickets can be redeemed via QR code, while others via Bluetooth. You can display the QR code by simply tapping on the ticket. If the ticket can be redeemed via Bluetooth instead, the Redeem button will appear when you are within range of the reader. When the cashier is ready to redeem your ticket, press the button.

Tickets that can only be redeemed once (single-use tickets) are hidden after successful use. If you need to access the ticket again, you can find it by going to your profile in the navigation and tapping on the Orders section.

The provider can decide whether their tickets can be canceled or not. To cancel a purchased ticket, on Android, press the three dots on the right side of the ticket and select Cancel. On iOS, swipe the ticket to the left to display this option.

If you cancel, you will receive a full refund of the purchase price.


Immediately after the purchase, you will receive a payment confirmation via email. A formal invoice from the provider in PDF format can be found in the Orders section of your profile.

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