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The easy way of adding COYERO functionality to your existing mobile application or access management system


For customers who already have an access management system or successful app we also offer COYERO as a set of API/SDK components. That way you can keep your existing system and still take advantage of the full potential of the COYERO platform.

Simply integrate COYERO libraries in your mobile apps to grant customers access to your services, products, or infrastructure via BLE, NFC or QR code. Provide connected services and create additional benefits by using the powerful marketing and notifications options.

  • SDKs for mobile applications (client & mobile terminal): Android library, iOS framework
  • SDKs for physical terminals: Library for integration of COYERO into dedicated HW components
  • Backend APIs: REST communication interface to the COYERO cloud
Coyero connected city SKDs for mobile applications

Terminal Interface

  • Connection management: BLE, NFC (Android only), or QR code
  • Exchange of authentication and authorization tokens: Based on proprietary COYERO protocol, Callbacks for authentication and authorization

Cloud Interface

  • Connection management: HTTPS based REST
  • User binding: Initial user binding via distributed authentication service (Kerberos principle), Subsequent user binding via HTTPS mutual authentication
  • Token management: Information interface to local token storage for authentication and authentication tokens
  • Payment processor integration: Payment data handling, Invoice generation

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