Digital Guest Card
the Future of Tourism

Transforming Tourism with Customizable Digital Guest Cards 

Digitize Your Guest card Experience with COYERO

COYERO is revolutionizing the tourism industry with its advanced white label app solution focused on the digitalization of guest cards. Our platform seamlessly integrates with Feratel, a leader in tourism technology, providing a robust framework that streamlines data management and enhances guest interactions. With COYERO, traditional paper guest cards become a thing of the past, replaced by a dynamic digital experience that offers both convenience and efficiency.

Customized Digital Cards for Enhanced Guest Engagement

Tailor the digital guest card experience to perfectly fit your brand and meet the diverse needs of your guests. COYERO allows you to customize everything from the app’s language and design to the specific services and attractions featured. This level of personalization not only improves the user experience but also increases engagement by providing guests with relevant, useful information and services right on their mobile devices.

graphic Coyero cloud service


  • Feratel Integration: Seamless integration with Feratel for streamlined guest card management and data management.
  • Points-of-Interest: Instant access to information on attractions, restaurants, and bars.
  • Points-of-Service (Businesses): Sales and usage of digital tickets with direct processing from service providers.
  • Custom App (iOS & Android): Personalized content, colors, and layouts to meet your needs.
  • Events: Strategically promote current events right on the homepage.
  • Multilingual Support: Available in German, English, and potentially other languages to cater to international tourists.
  • Favorites Management: Mark and sort your favorite regional destinations.
  • Economic Enhancement: Boosts visibility for businesses and supports local enterprises.

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