ID Austria

COYERO Integration

By integrating ID Austria, COYERO users can easily verify their identity and gain exclusive or discounted access to various products and services.

This feature is particularly beneficial for tourism regions, as it allows them to make their COYERO platform more attractive to local residents. For example, residents can enjoy discounted public transport tickets or free entry to municipal museums. Additionally, this solution offers significant potential for municipalities, enabling more centralized and transparent management of bookings, reservations, and access across the community.

The integration of ID Austria marks a significant milestone in the digitalization of public administration. We are proud to collaborate with our partners to bring these innovations to the broader population.

What is ID Austria?

    Starting now, you can identify yourself in Austria using ID Austria in a modern, secure, and digital manner. ID Austria allows individuals to securely prove their identity online, enabling the use of digital services and completion of transactions. In the future, companies will also benefit from the numerous applications of ID Austria.

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