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Find out which of the three categories you belong to: platform operator, service provider(merchant), or end user


roles and responsibilities

The platform operator is the organization that stands behind the respective COYERO project with its name and, in collaboration with the COYERO GmbH team, drives the planning, implementation, and maintenance of the platform. After successful implementation, it provides the infrastructure to service providers and users and takes on the 1st level support. Examples of successful platform operators are the tourism region Klagenfurt am Wörthersee (All in ONE Klagenfurt) or the Society of Friends of Fine Arts (Kunstfreunde). These entities have unrestricted rights within the COYERO Management Platform and can view and manage all relevant content. The scope extends from configuring mobile terminals to individually designing various start pages to comprehensive reporting.

Visit https://support.coyero.com (for platform operators only)


The organization behind the app collaborates with COYERO in planning, implementation, and maintenance


Administration of the app's backend, user data, and system settings


Regular updates of the app to improve functionality and security


roles and responsibilities

Service providers are not directly involved in the development and maintenance of the COYERO platform, but they use it to market their products and services and to communicate with target groups through an additional channel. In the tourism sector, this often includes attractions such as Wörthersee Shipping or the Pyramidenkogel (All in ONE Klagenfurt), but municipalities or other institutions can also take on the role of service providers (e.g., the municipality of Stubenberg – Mein Kulmland). Service providers can also use the COYERO Management Platform for configuration, but their accessible area is primarily limited to their own offerings.

Send an email to support.xxx@coyero.com for support (replace xxx with the name of your platform operator)

Product/Service Listing

Adding and managing the inventory of products or services available to end users


Use of the COYERO Management Platform, limited to own offerings


Handling sales, payments, and orders made by end users through the app​


roles and responsibilities


End users are individuals who use the COYERO app for personal purposes. This includes making purchases, accessing services, or interacting with merchants through the app.


Interaction with the app's features: browsing products, making payments, using services

profile management

Creating and managing the personal account within the app


Providing reviews, ratings, and feedback on their experiences with the app and the merchants

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