shaping the
future together

We turn static app solutions into a digital smart key to access and connect different services & products.

Dynamic. talented.
technology lovers.

We are a sharp-minded team who share a passion to breathe digital life into existing services and infrastructure by creating trusted and convenient mobile solutions.
Coyero team member Christian Ettinger - Product Manager
Coyero team member Stephan Gether - Senior Design Engineer
Coyero team member Markus Pistauer - CEO
Coyero team member Manfred Jantscher - VP Engineering NFC
Coyero team member Ulrike Schäffer - VP Corporate Finance
Coyero team member Bernhard Santer - Senior Design Engineer

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You believe you’re a perfect fit and would like to join our team, please get in touch. We’re always looking for talented people as passionate about digital future as we are!
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