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CUSTOMIZED mobile app

The COYERO App is what end-users use to buy products and services. Purchased goods are saved in a virtual wallet in the form of a ticket, similar to a voucher. When users want to pick up their goods or gain access to an event, they use their app to redeem this ticket. For that, the COYERO App communicates with the COYERO IoT Terminal or the COYERO Mobile Terminal App through a patented Bluetooth protocol.

The COYERO App is currently available in the following languages: English, German, Italian, French, Latin American Spanish.

White Label App:  As a platform operator, you will prefer to have the COYERO App in your distinct corporate design and bear a name of your choice. For that reason, we offer the app as white-label. Let us know your wishes and we customize the app with your branding.

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  • Access products & services from many different providers in one app.
  • Location-based: Users see points-of-sale on a map, enabling them to find nearby shops.
  • Integrated payment: The COYERO App uses the Stripe payment provider to perform credit card payments.
  • Filters to quickly find shops of a certain type or with a certain name.

  • Send end-users promotional offers directly to their mobile phone.
  • Tickets bought can also be forwarded to other users: This allows resellers to sell custom packages of tickets, such as a “sightseeing package”, “adventure weekend”, and so on.
  • Products can be set to be charged not before the ticket is redeemed. That way a number of promotional tickets can be handed out, but only those actually being used will need to be paid for.

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Mobile terminal app

For “attended access” we offer the COYERO Mobile Terminal App. Everyone who offers goods or services with the help of employees (shop attendants, doormen) will use the COYERO Mobile Terminal App. This app allows the redemption of tickets by showing the issuer that payment has been made correctly. Over Bluetooth, the app is able to learn about a purchased ticket in the end-user’s virtual wallet. This is shown to the attendant, who can redeem it with a simple tap and hand out the goods or give entrance to a locality.

Hosting an event with only a limited number of visitors permitted? No problem, the COYERO Mobile Terminal App can also show whether additional persons can be admitted, or the limit is already reached. This also works with multiple entrances.


  • A simple solution for attended access control
  • Easy to set up, the perfect start into the possibilities of COYERO
  • Independent of the device works with any iOS and Android mobile device
  • Secure and patented Bluetooth technology working in the background

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