How can access to the airport be converted towards a seamless experience combined with priority access for travelers in combination with special offers promoted digitally to traveler’s mobile devices from shops and restaurants? The international airport in Venice, Italy ( has addressed this task with the help of COYERO technology with a particular focus on close parking to the terminal.

background & targets

To offer travelers from various airlines a specific service to make their trip as convenient as possible airport access plays a key role aside from business or first-class seating in the airplane. A platform should be built up and made available to travelers in the same way as to airport service providers (e.g. shops, restaurants) via an app, with clean branding that adds value. Dynamic multi-channel engagements with travelers shall help to build up a strong relationship between travelers, carriers, and airport services.

features & benefits

Stores, service providers, and restaurants can simply place their products and services on the platform by registering and offering them for booking. The digital tickets purchased by the traveler or provided as part of the flight can simply be received and redeemed via an app. Any payment transactions (with a credit card) can of course also be processed via the platform. Infrastructure such as turnstiles, barriers to parking garages, etc. can also be integrated (see figure below for the example of the “Speedy Park” barrier system).

The airport itself as the infrastructure provider offers its own products/services on this platform at any time. This ranges from the redemption of digital tickets (or vouchers for flight bookings) at parking ticket machines and could also include the booking of conference rooms for meetings. Information about flights, longer waiting times at security checks or border controls are part of the service.

In addition to the core functionality described above, both the marketing and statistical options associated with the system are an important aspect. For example, push messages can be defined that is automatically displayed to travelers when they redeem their tickets, which have a particularly high relevance due to the right moment. Current or additional information about the trip is just as possible as additional offers (lounge) or information about the place where the traveler is currently.

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