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User expectations and experiences as a centric approach to increase the usage of electro-mobility-as-a-service solutions
How can e-mobility utilizing light electric vehicles (LEVs) like e-bikes and quadricycles ease and improve the future traffic situation in small and medium-sized cities? The cities Villach in Austria, Torino and Venaria in Italy, and Calvia in Spain have addressed this question in the framework of the project called STEVE (www.steve-project.eu).

background & targets

The STEVE project – Smart-Tailored L-category Electric Vehicle demonstration in hEterogeneous urban use cases – funded by the European Commission target is to find and deploy policies to implement electro-Mobility as Service provided to Citizens, mainly computers and tourists.

COYERO provided the technology platform to realize this human-centric approach as an essential part of the STEVE project. Throughout the entire project, various steps have been performed to tune, from specification to development and further towards deployment of the STEVE e-Mobility services according to users’ expectations and experiences.

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features & benefits

The COYERO platform provided mobile applications to access and use the services combined with gamification concepts. The major aspect is integration within existing vertical applications (two- and four-wheelers EL-Vs mobility service providers, supporters, tourist attractions) in the context as a user-friendly, adaptable to country behaviors and regulations. Boosted by a set of gamification concepts supported by the COYERO App the e-mobility system is attracting urban users (commuters) and occasional users (tourists) in a unique way.
To close the feedback loop users are encouraged to give feedback to the e-mobility service providers but also to the municipalities. Although there are differences in infrastructure, climate, population but also mentality and target user profiles (% share of tourists compared to citizens) the results received allover showed positive feedback from the target users utilizing the offered eMaaS. Key topics throughout all eMaaS setups in the four STEVE cities are the availability of appropriate charging infrastructure, easy and frictionless digital access to the services offered but also the cost arising from its operation (both on the user but also service provider side). Municipalities offered a set of different measures to stimulate the use of eMaaS once considering the above-mentioned key topics.

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