Smart Access


pyramidenkogel Enhancing visitor access in carinthia Pyramidenkogel N-Tree enhances visitor access by integrating COYERO app-based ticket sales, featuring QR code entry, turnstile scanning, and real-time visitor tracking for a more efficient and secure experience. Why It’s a Good Fit for COYERO: This system leverages COYERO’s expertise in digital ticketing solutions, offering a streamlined and secure […]

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Bicycle box

Bicycle Storage Pilot Project unlocking access to practical bicycle storage Land Kärnten and ÖBB initiate a pilot project to provide secure bicycle storage at train stations, accessible through the All in ONE Klagenfurt app, transforming smartphones into digital keys using advanced lock technologies. Why It’s a Good Fit for COYERO: This project is in line

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Digital Membership card

digital membership card Enhancing museum Experience in austria Gesellschaft der Freunde der bildenden Künste (GFK) offers its members access to 16+ museums across Austria; harmonizing digital membership management with instantaneous information sharing, thereby elevating the accessibility and user experience for GFK members across a network of 16+ prestigious Austrian museums. Why It’s a Good Fit

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All in One Mobility

COYERO® vereint öffentlichen Verkehr und Tourismus auf einer Plattform COYERO® feiert einen Meilenstein mit dem einjährigen Jubiläum seiner revolutionären All in ONE App, die das Tourismusgeschehen in Klagenfurt und darüber hinaus maßgeblich verändert hat. Als Innovationspreisträger von 2019 verkündet COYERO® mit Stolz die Einführung einer zusätzlichen Schnittstelle in der All in ONE App und ist

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ARGE Tourismus

All in ONE ONE APP, ALL ACCESS Explore Klagenfurt, discover exciting places, buy tickets on the go and enjoy convenient  access to many different attractions, services and events. Learn more The objective of the project was to create a completely new digital access and marketing platform for tourism products and services of regional providers and

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AIRPort Venice

How can access to the airport be converted towards a seamless experience combined with priority access for travelers in combination with special offers promoted digitally to traveler’s mobile devices from shops and restaurants? The international airport in Venice, Italy ( has addressed this task with the help of COYERO technology with a particular focus on

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STEVE Project

How can e-mobility utilizing light electric vehicles (LEVs) like e-bikes and quadricycles ease and improve the future traffic situation in small and medium-sized cities? The cities Villach in Austria, Torino and Venaria in Italy, and Calvia in Spain have addressed this question in the framework of the project called STEVE ( background & targets The

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