Mobile access technology with NFC and BT LE

COYERO access is a platform supporting the realization of applications connecting people with local services and infrastructure seamlessly taking advantage of high end secure mechanisms and personalize access and authorizations.

It will push mobile access to a next level by adding mobility, security and privacy all over from sensors, actors, the users mobile devices up to application level. Access grand may be combined with most modern contactless payments.

COYERO access tokens can be generated by integrating COYERO SDKs into the App of owned and run by the company or/and by joining the COYERO Portal. Here products/tickets can be managed in a dashboard and provided to the customers via the COYERO Kiosk App for Android and iOS devices.

Mobile access is granted for valid COYERO tokens, managed via AWS cloud service APIs. So the customer gets and encrypted token which grants him mobile and wireless access. I necessary a COYERO controller is integrated in the companies infrastructure hardware to control it.

After a token is generated at the customers App it works also without being online or having an active internet connection.

Learn more about COYERO access:

COYERO Platform data sheet


COYERO Communication Controller data sheet



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