Parking & smart e-charging access

New usabilities for parking & charging

COYERO Parking manages public parking infrastructure, private owned parking facilities, parking in shopping center or event arenas and much more. Mobile, smart and easy ticketing, access or charging solutions provide new options to drivers and service providers.

COYERO charging integrates BT LE & NFC features to e-charging terminals and enables mobile, token based car identification. Seamless integration of smart devices, payment services, charging and station operator systems is provided. The COYERO Charging Communication Controller provides hardware specific interfaces for current measurement and lock/unlock functions as well as software specific extensions like support of protocol or integration in building management systems.

Customers get smart, easy and secure mobile access to parking and charging services by integrating the COYERO access client SDKs (with charge extension) into the App of the service provider or by using the COYERO charged client Android or iOS App.

The COYERO Connected Services features allows various companies and service provider to connect their services or to integrate them into future smart city applications.



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