Unlock the power of digital access

COYERO seamlessly integrates with iLOQ, offering NFC interface configuration, lock programming, and server platform integration for versatile, keyless access management solutions.

Unlock secure access with COYERO’s seamless integration of iLOQ. Begin with NFC interface configuration, followed by lock programming and integration into the iLOQ server platform. COYERO effortlessly adds configured locks, conducting comprehensive function tests for optimal functionality.

Our licenses offer API access for seamless iLOQ server system operation and yearly Operation License subscriptions for locks. Experience battery-free, keyless solutions redefining security and convenience in access management.

COYERO’s integration with iLOQ offers versatile access control beyond traditional methods. From securing residential complexes to innovative bike-sharing initiatives, our platform adapts seamlessly to diverse needs. With COYERO and iLOQ, redefine access control with security and flexibility tailored to modern access management demands.

Benefits ...

... for Service Provider

  • Convenient and Secure Access Management: Clients enjoy the convenience of a secure access management system, providing peace of mind and efficient control.
  • Cost Efficiency: COYERO's integration with iLOQ offers a cost-efficient access solution, optimizing operational expenses while maintaining security standards.

... for End Consumer

  • Intuitive Key Reception and Usage: Users benefit from an intuitive and user-friendly key reception and usage experience, ensuring ease of access.
  • Flexibility: The system provides flexibility in access management, catering to various scenarios and user preferences.
  • "One Thing Less in the Pockets": Simplify the user experience by eliminating the need for physical keys, reducing clutter and enhancing convenience.

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