Explore, Engage, Experience: COYERO Transforms Tourism and Mobility

all with one tap

COYERO integrates tourism and mobility into a unified mobile platform that meets the changing demands of modern travelers. By seamlessly connecting digital guest card services with comprehensive mobility management, COYERO provides a versatile solution that enhances the visitor experience in various travel contexts – whether it’s city exploration, vacation travel, or attending conferences and trade shows. The platform not only simplifies access to attractions and events but also enriches interaction with local businesses through targeted promotions and real-time insights into visitor behavior. This enhances tourism marketing and stimulates economic activity by directly connecting visitors with local services and experiences.

In the realm of mobility, COYERO optimizes the management of bus and train tickets through an efficient subscription-based system that supports ticket creation, redemption, and management. Advanced security features such as background watermarks and dynamic clocks ensure the integrity and trustworthiness of every transaction. This integrated approach provides travelers with a seamless and secure way to navigate their destinations, making urban and regional mobility smoother and more accessible.


  • Integrated Services: Tourism and mobility management in one app
  • Enhanced Interaction: Real-time analytics and push notifications
  • Smart Ticketing: Creation and management of smart tickets
  • Increased Security: Background watermarks for secure tickets
  • Economic Boost: Promotion of local businesses and attractions
  • User-friendly: Simple, subscription-based access

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