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By using the COYERO Technology, user have not only complete overview of all the services provided in the (smart) city but also the possibility to receive access to all available services (eg parking lots/garage, charging, access to restricted areas, events and more). By using NFC technology all service-entitlements form the users smartphone are transferred to the car in no time and the user has always the same setup in his rental car.

COYERO includes also a high performance embedded controller for redeeming entitlements via NFC. It interconnects the car to the outside world but is also able to restrict different outgoing signals to protect the drivers privacy. Furthermore, the in-car Kiosk connects via BLE and mobile communication to services such as parking gates, parking lots and restaurants. The complete user configuration and all the entitlements are transferred from the smartphone to the controller via NFC and provides a fast and user friendly solution.

The complete driver setup with all the services available in a smart city are configured via the smartphone and transferred to the car via NFC. There is no need for a special in-car display to make cumbersome configurations every-time the user enters a car.



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