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COYERO Moments for an extraordinary and unforgettable user experience.


Our platform enables multiple options to improve the user experience by generating user-friendly services like discounts, vouchers, coupons, tickets, and access rights. Send end-users interesting up-front notifications for better information sharing or sales activities directly to their phone. Manage groups, VIPs, timeslots, and areas with just a click or simply improve your loyalty program. COYERO Moments for an extraordinary and unforgettable user experience. 

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COYERO empowers services in various segments with digital life for enhanced customer experience.



All in One Mobility

COYERO® vereint öffentlichen Verkehr und Tourismus auf einer Plattform COYERO® feiert einen Meilenstein mit dem ...

ARGE Tourismus

All in ONE ONE APP, ALL ACCESS Explore Klagenfurt, discover exciting places, buy tickets on ...

AIRPort Venice

How can access to the airport be converted towards a seamless experience combined with priority ...

STEVE Project

How can e-mobility utilizing light electric vehicles (LEVs) like e-bikes and quadricycles ease and improve ...


Offer your citizens and tourists a new experience of how they communicate and interact with your city by implementing our COYERO Mobile Platform. COYERO provides mobile-based secure and personalized access to various city services for improved brand engagement.


Easily connect various services and products within your city to help your business partners increase revenue and offer added value to your citizens. Engage on the go by sending push-notifications for more efficient marketing activities and higher visitor flow for specific events.

Tourism Marketing

Extend your existing smartcard-based tourism card with a COYERO based mobile app and easily connect various services and products with each other to offer new business models to your business partners. Improved brand engagement and customer experience is ensured.

Municipal Services

Increase the efficiency of your local administration by using COYERO Mobile Platform for enabling convenient access to waste disposal services, public transport, and other city services. Quick access to relevant information with just a click.


Deliver a new mobility experience straight to your customer with our customized COYERO white-label app. COYERO provides mobile-based secure and personalized access to various mobility services for convenient traveling.


Use the power of your city to link EV charging to services like parking and car-sharing. Enhance customer loyalty and keep in touch with them through notifications directly to their phone. Easily control your charging stations, fleets, and user groups and benefit from dynamic pricing and even automated billing and payment.

car sharing

Fleet management, rental car or car sharing can be much easier by using COYERO mobile solution. Simply tap a mobile phone to access cars or key-sharing boxes for more flexible handover of car keys and papers. Customer experience will be beyond expectations and support mobility concepts for cities of tomorrow.

bike sharing

COYERO grants more flexible access for inhabitants and tourists to bike-sharing services. Registration, pre-booking, and payment are more convenient for your customers. Our management platform provides easy-to-use statistics, station management, and reservation for more business insights.


Deliver a new event experience straight to your customer with our customized COYERO App. COYERO provides mobile-based secure and personalized access to various event services.

EVENT access

The COYERO App branded for you delivers a new event experience directly to your visitors and fans. Manage your event by providing smart access, safe check-in, time-slots, parking, or even connect with 3rd party services within the venue like food and beverage pre-order, fan shop, and more. Provide relevant and just-in-time information before and after the event to ensure an outstanding event experience.

campus access

Modernize your campus access control system and service offerings by extending your current smartcard-based solution with COYERO App. Your students can expect a convenient time by using their mobile phone for logical and physical access like various applications like computers, campus buildings, library, gym, and even use it at multiple retailers on and off-campus.

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