Integrate COYERO access SDK into mobile applications for end users in order to provide them with convenient access and
proximity based commerce for services and products using their device.

  • Technology encapsulated in ready to use SDKs
    – Client side SDK for Android and iOS
    – KIOSK/POS side SDK for Android & possibility to port to embedded solution for infrastructure
  • Supports NFC, BLE and QR codes

Build COYERO access into native mobile applications for end users. The SDK provides an easy way to utilize COYERO access without the need to hassle with its underlying technologies like NFC, BLE and QR code.

Communication interface to COYERO access kiosk

  • NFC (Android only), BLE, QR code
  • Based on proprietary COYERO protocol
  • Exchange of authentication and authorization tokens

Communication interface to COYERO access server

  • HTTPS based
  • Initial user binding via distributed authentication service (Kerberos principle)
  • Subsequent user binding via HTTPS mutual authentication

COYERO token management

  • Secure storage
  • Push based update mechanism (triggered via COYERO server)

All COYERO access client SDK features are accessible to the developer through a set of simple yet powerful APIs.
Communication interface to COYERO access kiosk Connection management
Callbacks for authentication and authorization
Communication interface to COYERO access server Connection management
User binding
COYERO token management Information interface to local token storage
Payment processor integration Payment data handling

SDK Integration

Seamless integration of the COYERO access client SDK into your IDE.

  • Android -> Library project for Eclipse with Android Developer Tools
  • iOS -> Framework for Xcode

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