Integrated BLE & NFC App services

Simply integrate COYERO SDKs in your mobile App to grant customers access to your services, products or facilities via Bluetooth LE or NFC.

Smart City & Smart Mobility solutions

COYERO enables Smart City and Smart Mobility Applications by connecting mobility, infrastructure services and businesses.

Automotive & human factored design

COYERO connects cars, personal parameters and access permissions to all relevant infrastructure services needed.

Mobile product, service & event access

COYERO provides connected tourism services as well as smart access and location based marketing solutions.

Parking & smart e-charging access

COYERO enables you to generate and manage smart, unattended access to parking facilities or e-charging terminals.

Industry & Smart Home applications

Empowered by COYERO BT LE & NFC technology we develop tailor made industry and smart home applications.


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