Mobile product, service & event access

COYERO supports you to increase customer comfort and sales

COYERO enables local stores, merchants, restaurants, tourist resorts or events to connect with surrounding infrastructure services (eg parking) or even with each other. By integrating COYERO services in their own App or simply joining the COYERO Portal and it’s Marketplace App they can offer their own products or services and if required connect them to other services they choose and connect on the platform.

Customer can easily order and buy products or services by using the COYERO App and redeem them just by using their smart device (Android or iOS). They can get unattended access to facilities, events and any type of service supported by COYERO technology.

Additional products or services which are defined and connected by the seller will be automatically added by generating an additional COYERO token on the customers App. So the customers is enabled to use this service/product or get this access permission too.



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