Smart charging using NFC and BT LE

The COYERO Charging Communication Controller provides hardware specific interfaces for current measurement and lock/unlock functions as well as software specific extensions like support of protocol or integration in Siemens Building Management. By this means customers get smart, easy and secure mobile access to charging services by integrating the COYERO access client SDKs (with charge extension) into the App of the service provider or by using the COYERO charged client Android or iOS App.

The option of integrating COYERO charging via COYERO connected services to other services or products opens new windows of opportunity to charging provider or charging networks. Eg. charging can be paid by a merchants loyalty programs, a token generated by a restaurant or combined with parking access by using COYERO access technology.

Another extension of COYERO charging technology is an instant BTE Car Identification when approaching the chargepoint to increase even more usability and customers comfort.


Learn more about COYERO charged:

COYERO Charged data sheet



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